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"Our getting paid!"

Your claims getting paid has a direct connection to your livelihood! Paid claims ensure that your bills are paid and keep your practice rolling! 


Look below to see how we improve our provider's practices and livelihood!

"I traded that old thing in for a new SUV crossover!"

These two providers were a husband and wife team. When they started their practice, they planned for their future. They purchased state of the art equipment and practice management software with electronic medical records storage capability. Because their software included abilling module, they opted to do the insurance billing in house. Quickly they learned that even though they could input data, they could not submit it because their software didn’t speak the universal language of the electronic data interchange system, which is the language the insurance carrier’s computers understand. 

Provide A.png

Their first attempt at fixing their billing issue was to hire a clearinghouse that would take their data and convert it into edi lingo. Over the next few months, the claims began processing, but the denials started rolling in. What they were learning next was that a clearinghouse only converts and forwards the data, and unfortunately, doesn’t check for errors. In this case, the data the provider entered was either incorrect or incomplete because they didn’t know the first thing about correct coding and other vital information that was necessary to get claims paid.After a year of unresolved denial and unpaid claims, A and B contacted Accurate Medical Billing to take over their billing needs. A little over a month later, they received their first payment ever from Medicare. It was a lump sum that included every procedure they had performed during the past year. This, along with all of the payments they had begun receiving from the private carriers was the infusion of cash flow they needed to keep their doors open. Eighteen months and a half a million dollars in reimbursement later, I met with them during a monthly consultation, where I inquired about Provider B’s mini van. She answered “Oh, I traded that old thing in for a new SUV crossover!” At that moment, I realized what a difference our company can make in the life of a provider, not just in their business.

“We just want our stack of payments to look like this stack of denials and our stack of denials to look like this stack of payments…”

These providers worked together in a large provider group. They decided team up, open their own practice and work for their own bottom line. They realized they knew a lot about their specialty but nothing about how to get paid for the services they provided. Therefore, they opted to hire a big named billing company to handle their claims submission needs. They soon found out that because the company was so large, they had trouble contacting them to discuss their account, which was beginning to see more denied claims than paid claims. C and D began feeling neglected and unimportant. But, fear of change kept them from seeking out a new billing agency. After a year of more denials than payments, they bit the bullet and scheduled a consultation with Accurate Medical Billing. During the consultation, I asked, “What do you want most?” Provider C pulled out a 3 inch stack of rejected claims and a 1/2 inch stack of paid claims. “She said, this is what we receive every week. We want our payments to look like this, pointing to the rejected claims and our denials to look like this, pointing to the paid claims.  And…we want you to answer the phone when we call.” Due to their lack of faith in billing agencies, I offered them our “skeptics plan.” A 3 month trial period. If they were not satisfied they could look for another solution, no strings attached. At the end of the trial period, I arrived at their office for our regular monthly consultation. Anticipating their satisfaction, I brought along a one year agreement with me. C and D met me at the door asking, “Where do we sign?” Don’t you even want to read it?, I asked. “Nope,” they said in unison. “We’ve never had this much money in our account and we’ve never gotten a check this big from Medicare before!”, they announced, waiving the check around in the air like a flag. 4 years and $1.5 million average receipts per year later, C and D are continuing to grow their practice. They were able to design and build their own 6000 square foot office building. Hooray for them!

Provider B.png
"I just want to be a doctor."

This provider was referred to us by one of our current clients.  At our first consultation, I asked, “What do you want most?” She replied, “I just want to be a doctor. I don’t want to deal with insurance companies and all of that junk.” So, she signed on with us even before she was finished with the credentialing process. This allowed her to utilize the “free start up” service that we offer to new providers who are just setting up their practices. In this service, we share our knowledge and experience with our clients and help them to navigate all of the red tape of becoming in network providers for insurance carriers. Soon after, we filed her very first claim. We meet monthly to review her accounts receivable reports and at our first year end review, every claim had paid! And to this day every claim had paid. She loves being a health care provider, she loves consistently having money in the bank and she loves not having to deal with insurance companies and all that junk!!

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