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About Us

As a Better Business Bureau of South Central Louisiana Accredited Business, Accurate Medical Billing upholds a higher standard of service for all of our clients. We place value on our relationships with the people with whom we do business. From our HealthCare Professionals, and insurance carriers, to our staff and all the way down to the driver who delivers our claim forms. We appreciate the people who help us keep our doors open.

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Our Mission

Accurate Medical Billing is committed to offering our healthcare professionals a cost effective alternative to maintaining an in-house billing office by providing the same benefits and services without the overhead and time constraints associated with housing, managing, pay rolling and insuring a full time staff.

Our Goal & Focus

Our goal is to collect every penny owed to our Providers from all sources including insurance companies and patients alike.  We work with our Providers to ensure that they are fully compensated for the services they provide.

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