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Solving Problems

Reaching Goals


Clean Claims Rate 


Average Revenue Increase


Your Practice's Possibilities

We foster a fresh clear business/client rapport and have a proven track record claims reimbursement since 2005. 

How we do it.


Results Driven

AMB boasts a 99% clean claims rate. With minimal downtime, we’ll have you fully implemented within two weeks.

Growth Partner.png

Your Growth Partner

There isn’t a practice that is too small or too large for AMB. We work with individual and group providers to collect every penny owed to them.

Final Intergrity.png


With each provider we maintain an independent operation system. None of our providers share databases, operating system, or records.


Client Focused

We assign a Personal Account Manager to work directly with you on your account. We do not and will not subcontract your account to any other company inside of the United States or abroad.

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